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How do I start marketing my personal training services?

Ready to start increasing your long-term monthly memberships, getting brand recognition & ranking better through the digital enviroment? 

Get ready to beat out your competitors

What ads platform can I advertise on?

Your personal coaching business can be marketed on any ads platforms across the internet. In most cases, personal trainers like to use the two major advertising platforms which are Meta (Facebook & Instagram) along with Google PPC campaigns. Generally speaking, those are going to be sufficient enough to start generating great results.

Yes! You can market across other channels such as Tiktok, Linkedin, Snapchat etc... A lot of trainers like to do this in order to get a really good omni-presence across the entire internet.

This is why we like to work on tailored strategies, because each personal fitness trainer has their own goals in mind.

What is all-in-one?

When we are talking about an All-In-One marketing eco-system, we are talking about having an "air tight" marketing approach that takes your ideal client through an entire buyer's journey & send them down a path that is very likely to convert with your personal coaching business.

The sales funnel would look like this. We create branding & interest through paid ads on major platforms, paired with social media profile optimization & management. All the laser targeted traffic from paid ads & social media management is sent to highly converting landing pages designed to capture "ready to pay" & pre-qualified leads. Those leads are then sent to an A.I. chat bot which will conduct intelligent conversations to convert them to book on your calendar.

Additionally, we will have automation systems integrated into a free CRM & a free virtual assistant set up to nuture anyone who does not convert automatically. Also we nutureyour existing database into referrals or repeat customers all while we increase your reputation through Google My Business profiles. 

You offer a guarantee?

Yes! We believe in building a long lasting relationship through success. Our proven marketing eco-system designed for personal trainers will be able to generate you 10 new memberships every single month.

We do not want to stop there though. Through other facets of our strategies, we want to increase lifetime value of each client & referrals while building your online reputation.

How long will it take to get my ads up?

The short answer is 7-14 days depending on a few factors such as whether we are building a fresh landing page or not, along with what digital assets you already have.

To give you a little more detail. We do not want to rush your marketing efforts. In order to succesfully create more memberships each month, we need to ensure proper upfront competitor & market research. This is just part of the overall process such as ad copies, headlines, audience discovery, event & conversion tracking & much more.

What if I do not have a landing page?

That is totally fine! We fully understand a personal fitness instructor cannot be successful without a landing page specifically designed for conversions.

This is part of the All-In-One marketing eco-system. During the first 7-14 days, we are building you a tailored landing page & setting up all the tracking. 

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